Etmaal 2023Call for Papers & Nominations

Call for Papers & Nominations

The theme of Etmaal 2023 is ‘Communication in Transforming Societies’. We are living in a time of disruptions and upheavals that affect global and local societies on an unprecedented scale. Some of these shifts primarily affect digital societies, such as with blockchain technologies and the Metaverse, while others like the COVID-19 pandemic, energy crises, and ongoing conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East are more immediately tangible in physical societies. Impacts are felt on political, social, environmental, economic, technological, organizational and psychological levels, but the true consequences of these transformations are more difficult to grasp and might lead to unexpected events that were even not foreseen by the people involved with them from the outset. The research disciplines we call communication sciences provide more clarity in these transformations, both in terms of describing the phenomena as well as their consequences. Communication scientists are poised to study what happens at the front of these waves of change, charting human experiences and behavior in a descriptive sense as well as determining the feasibility and effects of individual and social interventions in a prescriptive sense.

In this Etmaal’s call for abstracts, we are open to submissions relating to communication science research in the Netherlands and Flanders, though we especially invite submissions on investigations of the ways in which accelerating (technological) advancements and socio-political disruptions are experienced, applied, and managed by their stakeholders. Submission topics include, but are not limited to:


Submissions could take the form of 750-word abstracts and were due on November 15th, 2022, before end of day. The divisions presenters could submit to are listed here. There is a limit of one first-author submission per attendee along with the expectation that the first author of a submission will present the work once it is accepted.

There are four different submission types:

Please contact the organizing committee ( with any questions about the theme, submissions and session types.

The Etmaal 2023 Organizing Committee consists of:

Dr. Mirjam Galetzka
Dr. Shenja van der Graaf
Dr. Sikke Jansma
Lilian Boerkamp
Pauline Teppich
Dr. Ruud Jacobs


25 Years of Etmaal Special Session

In 2023, we celebrate 10 years of NeFCA and the 25th Etmaal. Therefore, at the Etmaal 2023, we will organize a special plenary session in which we look back at 25 years of Etmaal!

In this session, we want to look back at some of the earliest presentations given at the Etmaal and look forward to what the future of the Communication Sciences may look like. Therefore, we want to invite those who presented at an early edition of the Etmaal to revisit your presentation: re-present your topic, look back at what happened in the years since, and what the future of the research topic will be. For example, maybe you presented a paper about how the internet would end polarization, or you predicted the rise of human-machine communication 20 years ago. Now is a chance to reflect on the paper and give your insights on what future research should focus on. Your presentation does not need to be heavily theoretical, it’s mostly about having fun looking back (and forward).

Moreover, during this session, we want to share some past fun Etmaal experiences. Therefore, if you have any files, photos, documents, etc. from previous Etmaal editions (all editions, not just the earliest ones), please send this to Alexander Schouten: We welcome all material: past programs, presentations, summaries, but especially (embarrassing) pictures.

In sum, we have two requests:

  1. If you have presented at an early edition of the Etmaal and you want to revisit this presentation, let us know by sending an email to, or contact one of the board members.
  2. Send any photos, conference programs from previous Etmaal editions to (preferably via WeTransfer or shared link).

Special Issue Etmaal 2023

This call for papers based on presentations at the upcoming Etmaal conference is in Dutch, as the journal is primarily aimed at a Dutch-speaking audience. However, we also welcome English-language submissions if they pertain to research conducted in the Netherlands and/or Flanders. Please reach out to us at if you would like more information!

Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap
Zoals elk jaar zal het Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap een themanummer publiceren met toonaangevende artikelen die tijdens het Etmaal 2023 gepresenteerd zijn. Gastredacteuren dr. Ruud Jacobs en dr. Sikke Jansma nodigen bezoekers van Etmaal uit om op basis van het door hen gepresenteerde onderzoek een manuscript in te dienen voor het Etmaal themanummer. Auteurs die in aanmerking willen komen om hun manuscript te publiceren in het Etmaal themanummer kunnen hun manuscript indienen door een mail te sturen naar:

Over het thema
Auteurs worden aangemoedigd om hun bijdrage te koppelen aan het thema van Etmaal: Communication in Transforming Societies. Met dit thema worden auteurs uitgenodigd om te reflecteren over, en zich te positioneren in recente debatten rond de rol van communicatie bij grote maatschappelijke uitdagingen, zoals klimaatverandering, (politieke) polarisatie, de invloed van alternatieve feiten en nieuwsvoorziening, de COVID-19 pandemie alsook technologische ontwikkelingen zoals deepfakes, cryptovaluta en de Metaverse. Antropogene veranderingen in onze fysieke en digitale samenlevingen staan hierbij centraal. Meer informatie over het thema van de Etmaal conferentie is hier te vinden (in het Engels):

Over het tijdschrift
Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap is een academisch en ISI-ranked tijdschrift en richt zich op het signaleren en registreren van ontwikkelingen binnen de communicatiewetenschap en haar verwante wetenschapsgebieden (journalistiek, de toepassingsgebieden van de communicatiewetenschap, de communicatieve aspecten van informatie- en communicatietechnologie) in Nederland en Vlaanderen. Het tijdschrift biedt daarmee een platform voor degenen die met onderzoek en/of theoretische reflectie een bijdrage willen leveren aan discussie binnen de communicatiewetenschap en ontwikkeling van de communicatiewetenschap.

Type artikelen
Verschillende bijdragen komen in aanmerking voor publicatie in het Etmaal 2023 themanummer, waaronder:

Ieder artikel wordt gereviewd door twee onafhankelijke beoordelaars. Op basis van de reviews wordt door de gastredacteuren een selectie gemaakt voor het themanummer wat eind 2023 gepubliceerd zal worden. Mocht het manuscript positieve reviews ontvangen maar vanwege "ruimtegebrek" niet in het special issue passen dan kan het manuscript gepubliceerd worden in een regulier issue.

De deadline voor het indienen van het manuscript is zondag 5 maart 2023

Nederlands/Vlaams heeft nog altijd absoluut de voorkeur bij het Tijdschrift, maar met oog op inclusiviteit naar het steeds internationalere palet aan CW-onderzoekers die werkzaam zijn binnen Nederland en Vlaanderen worden Engelstalige manuscripten die verslag doen van onderzoek verricht binnen Nederland en Vlaanderen ook geaccepteerd.

 Voor meer informatie en de auteursrichtlijnen zie de website:

NeFCA Educational Network

The Educational Network intends to realize an exchange of ideas on and experiences with educational matters by organizing roundtables and workshops about issues that are relevant for those who manage and teach communication science degree programs at Bachelor’s, Master’s, Research Master’s, and postgraduate levels.

We invited contributions from people teaching in the field of communication science that address topics such as innovative teaching methods, successful or not-so successful cases related to teaching communication science, or links between education and the professional field.

Contributions may concern a theoretical reflection, a presentation of a specific case or best-practice approach, or empirical research regarding one of these topics. The submission deadline was November 9, 2023.

The steering committee of the Educational Network: Martine van Selm (EUR, Rotterdam), Mariska Kleemans (RU, Nijmegen), and Steve Paulussen (UA, Antwerpen), Martin Tanis (VU, Amsterdam).

NeFCA Awards 2023

The NeFCA Senior Career Award 2023 will be presented at the Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap at the University of Twente (2-3 February 2023).

The NeFCA Senior Career Award honors a lifetime of scholarly achievement in communication studies. The award recognizes scholars who have shown substantive and quantifiable contributions, scientific as well as societal, to the field of communication studies, through for instance multiple (refereed) publications, professional or public publications, presentations, invited speeches, leadership and mentorship, expert panelist, memberships of committees and/or other contributions with scientific and societal impact.

The NeFCA Dissertation Award 2021 will be presented at the Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap at Twente University (February 2 & 3, 2023).

The NeFCA Dissertation Award aims to acknowledge excellent dissertations in the field of Communication Sciences and wants to recognize the quality of doctoral research in the Netherlands and Flanders.

The Frieda Saeys PriZe 2023

The Board of the Frieda Saeys Foundation announces the fourth of an ongoing series of awards to support young scholars (master, doctoral and recently graduated post-doctoral students) to attend the Etmaal Conference, (25th edition) - at the University of Twente, Enschede, 2nd-3rd of February 2023, organized under the auspices of the Netherlands-Flanders Communication Association (NeFCA).

The Frieda Saeys Foundation strives to stimulate research in memory of the late Professor dr. Frieda Saeys (1948-2007), Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences, University of Ghent, who studied and lectured in the fields of media, gender, policy, and diversity.

The winner will be selected by a Review Committee from submitted abstracts of papers on topics related to gender and media. The Review Committee includes Department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University faculty and a representative from NeFCA’s Young Scholars Network.

The prize awarded will consist of conference attendance fees, and, for meetings outside of the immediate area, transportation and/or housing support, as necessary to attend the Etmaal conference, the total not to exceed 400 Euros. Abstracts were not required to have been submitted to Etmaal.