Etmaal 2023Contact and Directions

Contact and Directions


The Etmaal 2023 conference takes place on the University of Twente campus. Four buildings on the campus will host Etmaal events: the Cubicus, Vrijhof, and U Parkhotel buildings are where the parallel sessions take place, while the two keynote events on Thursday are held in the Waaier building. The registration desk and lunch facilities are in the U Parkhotel. You can get a printed map of the campus when registering. Google maps (see below) also includes interiors of on-campus buildings to help you find your way on campus.

On Thursday at 18:15, we will offer you transport from the University of Twente campus to the Twentsche Foodhal, which is our dinner venue. Buses will shuttle attendees back to the University of Twente campus (close to the Fletcher and U Parkhotel and the campus parking lots) throughout the evening. The Foodhal is a 1-kilometer walk (about 13 minutes) from Enschede’s central train station.


U Parkhotel address:

De Veldmaat 8, 7522 NM Enschede

Twentsche Foodhal address:

Hoge Bothofstraat 39a, 7511 ZA Enschede



By public transit: The University of Twente campus can be reached by public transit through three train stations. If you come in at Hengelo central station you can take bus 9 to Enschede CS and alight at the Kennispark/UT stop. From there you can walk in about 5 minutes to the U Parkhotel; you can see it from the campus entrance as a tall building with green signage on it that reads ‘Campus 053’.

If you come in through the Enschede Kennispark train station you can either take bus 1 to ‘Universiteit’ and alight at the UT/De Zul stop in front of the Cubicus (a 1-minute walk to the U Parkhotel), or you can walk directly from the train station to the U Parkhotel. That would be a 1.6 kilometer walk (about 20 minutes).

Finally, if you want to arrive through the Enschede central train station, you can take bus 1 to ‘Universiteit’ and alight at the UT/De Zul stop in front of the Cubicus. From there it is a 1-minute walk to the U Parkhotel.

By car: The best way to reach the University of Twente campus by car is from the A35, exit 26a ‘Enschede-West’. Follow the Westerval and take the off-ramp, then turn left onto the Auke Vleerstraat. Keep following this road and you will reach the campus. Parking is free at the U Parkhotel and the P2 parking lot. Enter Veldmaat 8, 7511 ZA Enschede into your navigation device.


As Etmaal 2023 is hosted at the University of Twente, we follow the university’s and central government’s guidelines with regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. As of writing, the Dutch government has set no restrictions for social distancing or mask use for the period in which the conference takes place. We urge all attendees to do a self-test for Covid-19 before coming to the conference, and to stay home if you think you might have the virus or have recently been exposed to someone who has the virus. On-campus and in the dinner/party venue, we do not have a mask mandate. In most rooms we cannot guarantee 1.5 meter social distancing. Nevertheless, we encourage people who choose to do so to wear a face mask. We also supply a pocket-sized bottle of disinfectant hand gel to attendees when they check in.

Only in-person presentations are accepted at Etmaal 2023. If you cannot attend because of Covid-19 or other valid reasons, we ask you to stay home and reach out to to discuss what the best solution would be. We do not facilitate teleconferencing presentations.